On Sunday, June 8th, 2014, the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council will host a bike ride and health walk exploring the many fantastic bike/ped facilities in the North-West Valley.

  1. The 2014 COLT is over!

    Greetings Colters! This is your last Tidbit for 2014….Yay…

    The Chatsworth Neighborhood Council values your input about this cycling event. Did you enjoy it? Was it worthwhile? Would you come again? We’d like to hear both positive and “constructive” comments…what would you like to see different or changed in the 2015 COLT? Did you get lost? If so, how did you find your way back? Did anyone get a flat tire? How was it fixed? How was the Gas Co. 11 mile break? How was lunch? Should we do lunch again? If you didn’t stay for lunch, why not? Do you have any suggestions about lunch?

    If you have photos that you’d like to share, please put up your best ones on www.RideTheColt.com at the “Submit Photo Tab” so we can enjoy the ride we couldn’t do with you because we were too busy insuring your lunch arrived on time! We look forward in seeing you next year.

    Your Ride Directors,
    Matt Weintraub
    Jesse Fuller

  5. Sea of Riders!


  6. We were featured in the Post-Periodical!


  7. Anonymous said: Thanks for organizing this event. I think it was overall better than last year. The stop at the Gas Company was good, better than last year's stop. The turns were better marked than last year also, but the turn at Winnetka still needed to be more obvious. Last year I watched some people ride right passed it, and this year was the same. I called to them to point out the turn, but they didn't hear me. (I don't know if they found the route again or not.)

    Route marking is something we’ve been trying to figure out. Another suggestion for next year was to have people waiting at the tough turns. I think it will depend on how many volunteers we get!

  8. The Chatsworth Hills Academy 6th grade cycling team enjoys Subway lunch!


  9. Anonymous said: Suggestion for the route next year. Where Rinaldi ends at DeSoto, it's just a couple hundred feet along the dirt path next to the baseball field to get to the street again to pick up the Brown's Wash bike path. I think that's WAY better than riding any distance on DeSoto. The dirt path is not a hardship at all, I ride it easily on my unicycle. And the bike path along the wash is one of the more pleasant stretches along the route.

    Fantastic suggestion. Actually, we used DeSoto after Sierra Canyon forgot to open the gate for us last year and many people went down DeSoto anyway. Either way, there SHOULD be a new paved walkway there next year, so don’t worry, next year’s route will be that way.


  10. Final Tidbit

    Last Tidbit! Two topics:

    Trees and Gardens

    In your journey along the COLT, check out some of the beautiful front-yard gardens along the way. Great trees, parkways, and lawns-converted-into-sustainable native gardens. You’ll especially enjoy the quixotic landscaping at 8032 Oakdale, which will be on your right as you head north from Saticoy (look for the “Cow” mailbox). The owner there says to feel free to drop off small trinkets that you would like to add to the decorations found there.

    Subway Lunch! FREE with registration, after the ride.

    Great news COLTERS!

    The Chatsworth Neighborhood Council, along with some of our sponsors, will be providing you an energy boost at the end of the ride with the following great luncheon treats:

    Subway Sandwiches! (From the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council)
    Chips! (From the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council)
    Vega Protein Bar (from Vega Protein)
    Robeks Fruit Smoothie (from Robeks in Chatsworth)
    Bagels (from Western Bagel on Devonshire)
    Cream Cheese (from Whole Foods on Rinaldi)
    Water (from Ralphs on Devonshire)

    So plan on parking (if you drive, that is) in the north parking area (Closer to Devonshire), then swing by the south parking lot (Lot A, our starting point) to dig in, share some stories about the ride, and make some new friends.

    See you Sunday morning. Ride starts at 9am!